A Light Shines Brighter: Coach Lima’s Baptism Honors Collin’s Memory

In the midst of grief following Collin’s passing, we’ve witnessed an incredible act of faith and the power of Collin’s spirit.  Collin’s Select Coach, Jose Lima Jr., made a life-changing decision and was baptized on Sunday!

Coach Lima's baptismIt was a privilege to be present for Coach Lima’s baptism, seeing him embrace a new chapter with Jesus Christ leading the way.  This commitment reflects the positive impact Collin had on those around him, and how his life continues to inspire.

Collin would be overjoyed to know that his Bible was passed on to Coach Lima. We have no doubt it will be used to cultivate countless seeds of faith for future generations.

Collin’s smile shines even brighter today, knowing the influence he continues to have.  Thank you, Coach Lima, for honoring Collin’s memory in such a profound way.

Collin’s story is a testament to the transformative power of faith.  If you have questions about Jesus Christ or are interested in learning more about your own faith journey, we encourage you to explore the following resources:

  • Find a Local Church: Many churches offer resources and programs for people seeking spiritual guidance.
  • Warriors for Christ: Christian ministry that offers sermons, documentaries, and other educational materials to help people grow closer to God.
  • Bible Gateway: This website provides access to scripture in various translations.
  • Focus on the Family: A Christian organization offering resources on faith, family, and personal growth.

We believe, as Collin did, that faith can offer hope, strength, and purpose in life.


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